A Week in the Paradise: O.Z.O.R.A. Festival

It’s 10.00 a.m on Wednesday morning and after much anticipation, we are on route to O.Z.O.R.A Festival. It’s my first time so I can’t contain my excitement. I keep asking, “Are we there yet?” about twenty times.  When we finally arrived at the beautiful Dádpuszta in Hungary (after many adventures), we are greeted by an awesome shaded camping spot, the lush forest and the big sign “Welcome to Paradise!”, that great meets newcomers on the O.Z.O.R.A. Festival.IMG_20150806_185154 IMG_20150806_185239 IMG_20150806_185300

The Ozora Festival is considered one of the largest and most cutting edge gathering in the psychedelic trance music scene. These seven day of mega event sees fans of the genre descend on Hungary in the thousands from around the world. The festival features some of the biggest names in the scene and some over-the-top production that promises to make it a truly memorable event.IMG_20150806_190421

In light of all that has enriched us with an Ozora experience, we still have only one thing in mind. Respecting and nurturing the valued traditions, the treasures of free spirits, the paradise on earth, our fairy tale. A playground where we learn to share and care, to express, connect, unify, inspiring the world in and around us. A universe of openness, togetherness, reaching out to cosmic energies, to nature, to wholeness through dance, trance, creation, invention, transformation and peace.IMG_20150806_191218 IMG_20150806_192110 IMG_20150806_194844

A festival where caring for each other, for our world is as important as our love for all living beings.IMG_20150807_104017

We hurriedly pitch our tent, eager to hit the dancefloor. When we enter the jungle-like Pompui scene, the DJ is pumping his tunes. The vibes are infectious, then the beat drops and I feel like I’ve finally come home.IMG_20150807_131620 IMG_20150807_135553

We are chilling next to the Chillout Dom with the other party-goers merrily soaking up the sun. We are on the dance-floor surrounded by peace and love with feet in the sand; and I’m in love with the festival already.

IMG_20150807_174855IMG_20150807_175107IMG_20150807_160258We head for the Main Stage, but we are lured of the large sculptures which were all over festival grounds. We have a chance to admire all the handcrafts. The décor is unbelievably beautiful (possibly the best I’ve seen) and the lights are a magical backdrop.IMG_20150807_185417 IMG_20150807_185425 IMG_20150807_185552

IMG_20150807_185942And although I’m loving the vibe, I decide to make a mission towards the Main Stage again to watch all the structures that came alive at night with projections. The visuals are amazing.IMG_20150807_191130 IMG_20150807_191136 IMG_20150807_191142 IMG_20150807_191407

Psychedelic paradise calls out to me. I reach the dancefloor just as the music starts up. Every DJ takes charge as the sun is setting and I’m in my happy place for sure.IMG_20150807_191856

All of a sudden, it’s four in the morning. Moments pass before music gets behind the decks and elevates things to a whole new dimension. The atmosphere is friendly and ecstatic, and stompers are responding well to his tracks. But I’m feeling tired, so I jam until my feet give in and decide it’s time for some shut-eye.

We wake up the next morning and we hear majestic tunes in the distance and shun ourselves for not being on the dancefloor. We grab breakfast on the way, fresh and ready for another session of the dance. IMG_20150807_193032 IMG_20150808_113321

It’s a great morning workout, stomping in the sunshine. I almost lose track of time.
I’m certain that this is bliss.IMG_20150807_192151


IMG_20150807_193107IMG_20150807_193240We are enjoying the experience so much, I don’t want it to end. When I finally do head home on Sunday evening, one thought resonates in my mind: “ you know how to party!” Huge thanks to the organizers and everyone who made it happen.

See you next year on the dance floor…


Flare Out

studded-hearts-style-inspiration-flares-elle-classonAlthough the ripped jeans are still the best selling item at online shops, world trendsetters are changing their course and bringing back 70′ inspired high waist flared jeans.
What makes these jeans to be great item loved by women is – they make your legs look really long especially if you wear them with hight heels.

Ah yes, what to actually wear with your flares. Proportion is everything.

1. A flare must be worn as long as possible to give the illusion of length and height, but don’t let the fabric drag on the ground as this immediately makes you look shorter – plus, no one wants a frayed hem.
2. Always wear flares with a heel to give you an even longer leg, a wedged heel tends to work best.
3. Make sure that when shopping for a new pair you take your chosen heel with you, so that you get the length spot on.
4. Aim for a slim fit around the waist, hips and thighs with the flare splaying out from the knee.
5. A dark denim flare is a classic and will always look chic, but for a spring/summer update try a mid-denim wash.
6. High-waisted flares look great with a plain T-shirt and classic blazer, or jackets that hit just below the bottom – avoid ¾ length jackets as they can be too heavy and boxy.
7. Don’t over-do it on the belt, keep it simple or risk looking too retro.

So what are you waiting for? This is the one SS15 trend that you don’t even need nice weather for..

flared-jeans-spring-trend-street-fashion-street-style-flares slide_247825_1454770_free studded-hearts-style-inspiration-flares-alexandra-carl studded-hearts-style-inspiration-flares-denim studded-hearts-style-inspiration-flares-denim-caroline-sandstrom studded-hearts-style-inspiration-flares-fashion-me-now studded-hearts-style-inspiration-flares-kate-moss studded-hearts-style-inspiration-flares-madewell-constance-jablonski studded-hearts-style-inspiration-flares-man-repeller studded-hearts-style-inspiration-flares-poppy-delevingne studded-hearts-style-inspiration-flares-suede suede8howtowearflarejeans17slide_247825_1473531_free

Electric Feathers – Genie Halter Jumpsuit

img-most-wanted-electric-feathers_123020818229While many labels make promises of versatility and dresses to take you from the beach to the ball, Electric Feathers‘ pieces cogently deliver.
Mobility is always important. Mobility is freedom, and freedom breeds confidence. Who wants to teeter around in a restrictive bandeau dress worrying that someone will mistake you for pregnant if you eat a sandwich when you can run, skip, jump, and cartwheel to your heart’s content in a breezy jumpsuit? With designers like Leana Zuniga, who helms both Electric Feathers and its accompanying Brooklyn boutique Electric Nest, mobility doesn’t require a sacrifice of style. The above silk genie halter jumpsuit, one of several jumpsuit styles offered by Electric Feathers, is a good example: bringing a little exotic elegance to a casual cool staple, it comes with an “infinite” belt that you can twist, braid, and knot through the side loops in as many ways as you can come up with.

887371_950293011659374_8943434679180616945_o 10408834_950293308326011_1312082185533834954_n 10411999_950293184992690_333139180760460929_n 10631236_950293371659338_7100069153827056518_o 10887536_950292771659398_6445384704938637699_o 11011240_950293094992699_3084758492755156127_n 11018060_950293474992661_4579982906582380943_n 11042304_950293164992692_8149733717802694021_o 11143522_950292284992780_6843341453645695586_n 11147194_950292501659425_5532290690321444271_n 11202646_950292498326092_7590561468558371386_n 11219370_950292788326063_6249864032775446946_n 11269516_950292504992758_7229764905884304132_o 11403091_950293334992675_8560707648604933696_n 11665450_950292984992710_2988045836214890701_n 11665577_950293381659337_5233102522932638026_n 11667267_950293461659329_7532223827107239835_n 11667473_950293174992691_1330262501807254584_n 11692618_950292334992775_7656462187641893096_n  11692747_950292684992740_4172801169243248324_n 11692773_950293084992700_2256887344394013989_n 11696299_950292278326114_3601418916058330086_o 11698542_950292618326080_4480632154055906429_n


The always gorgeous Bar Refaeli gets her closeup for the spring 2015 cover shoot from So Chic Magazine. The recently engaged model looks like she is ready for music festival season clad in 1970s inspired, bohemian fashions including a flower crown. Photographed by Yaniv Edry and styled by Simon Elmalem, Bar is an ethereal vision in the spring looks.


Dream house

Ever since he roused us with his thought provoking The Burning House project and inspired us with his impassioned photography book Home Is Where You Park Itwe’ve been wildly envious of Foster Huntington’s life spent on the road. And even though he recently decided to settle down, we could only assume that his new home would be modest, simple amongst nature and of course – sick as hell. Foster and his friends spent six months building a tree house on his family’s property on the Columbia River Gorge in Washington. Two small houses, each about 220 square feet, are nestled in a cluster of five large Douglas fir trees and connected by a curved staircase and bridge. With an outdoor hot tub, goats and a skatepark, the Cinder Cone makes us all wanna dream big and live small.cinder-cone-640x640 thecindercone_01-640x640 thecindercone_02-640x640 thecindercone_05-640x640 thecindercone_08-640x640 thecindercone_011-640x640 thecindercone_013-640x640 tumblr_ne93tdolL51sj2bw4o1_1280-640x853 tumblr_nfrzzvCDUc1ts8049o1_1280-640x650 tumblr_nilbyxQob21ts8049o1_1280-640x640 tumblr_nj9bxvYj7F1ts8049o5_1280-640x640 tumblr_nkm9sebRdG1r3ty84o1_1280-640x511 tumblr_nkng1eoMPr1ts8049o1_1280-640x640 tumblr_nkng2iBK7v1ts8049o1_1280-640x638 tumblr_nlh2tkY7uB1r3ty84o2_1280-640x424

The Great

thegreat14-640x421Designer and styling duo Emily Current and Meritt Elliot have officially launched their much anticipated line The Great. The whimsical Americana aesthetic brings back fond memories of their very debut collection for Current/Elliot. The influence of vintage and classic work-wear, in the dresses, jackets, sweatshirts and trousers, has become their undeniably appealing signature. We can’t wait to get our hands on a few pieces and see where The Great will take us next.

thegreat15-640x427 thegreat16-640x427 thegreat17-640x427 thegreat1-640x479 thegreat2-640x482 thegreat3-640x476 thegreat4-640x478 thegreat5-640x476 thegreat6-640x482 thegreat7-640x481 thegreat8-640x427 thegreat9-640x427 thegreat10-640x427 thegreat11-640x427 thegreat13-640x427